We make it our business to understand your business

The consultants at Lebeaufort Group have been working on both sides of the table, meaning both the employers’ and the agency side. This gives us the advantage of easily understanding your company needs and aspirations and translate them swiftly in to an effective recruitment and selection solution.

Lebeaufort Group, your brand ambassador

At Lebeaufort Group we build long term relationships with our clients. We connect with you and your representative markets. We acquire in-depth knowledge and insights of your businesses, projects and even future plans and strategies. As a result, when relying on our services, you will automatically have a valued company ambassador, selling your unique employer brand and spreading your established EVP (Employer Value Proposition).

We pride on the Belgian candidates’ brand

Belgian candidates have an over all good reputation when it comes to adding value to your business. Next to their excellent educational level at the Belgian schools and universities, most of them have a multicultural mindset, are flexible to work in complex environments and speak several languages such as Dutch, French, English and/or even German. Learning additional languages often is not an issue.
Therefore it’s our strong believe that Belgian candidates introduced by Lebeaufort Group to your company, can and will make a difference in your future company successes.

We go further: international recruitment solutions

Throughout our strong international network we are able to source quickly Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, British, Greek, Italian, Romanian (…) nationals but also African and South African nationals interested in working in Belgium or looking for an international career within or outside Europe. At Lebeaufort Group we have a proven track record in recruitment for – but not limited too – the MENA region, Australia, Asia and South America. In addition we are always up to a challenge.

We recruit candidates for permanent or project based contracts (including freelancers) to be payrolled via the employers’ payroll.